will be held in 2015 again but this year we are focused on grant

writing to fund  raise.

Maintenance Day

Saturday, May 10 9am-4pm


Volunteers needed

Touch-A-Truck is our annual fundraiser.  Kids and Big Kids can climb in trucks and other vehicles that they don't normally get to touch.  Admission is $5pp

or $20 per family. 

Freedom Playground was built by over 2,000 volunteers - thank You!  The committee meets about six times per year to plan the Touch-A-Truck and Maintenance Day as well as address issues as they arise.  Please email us to volunteer at

Keep the Playground beautiful by helping to fix and paint is Saturday, May 10 from 9am-4pm.

The playground is closed this one day per year for our volunteer committee to beautify and keep it safe.

Give your family the gift of seeing their name on a fence post!

“MY KIDS LOVE freedom playground!”


We have had so many families tell us how much of a difference Freedom Playgorund has meant to them.  We in turn want to thank all our volunteers who came out with their tools and talent to Build Week.  Thank you for making Haverford Township an example to the world.  We get calls from across the United States asking us how we did it and telling us they plan to follow our lead and build more accessible playgrounds like ours.

Use map below to find Freedom Playground

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Freedom  playground

Playground is not available to rent.  Contact Haverford Parks and Rec about damaged equipment at playground.  Use form below to email us for more info about volunteering for Maintenance Day or Touch-A-Truck or donations for maintenance.

******       The playground is not available for rent.       ******

Playground closed on Thursday, May 8 from 10am-3pm and Saturday, May 10 from 9am-4pm for Maintenance.  Come help us make repairs!

Our volunteers work hard to make every minute count during Maintenance and appreciate your understanding that we need theses days to keep the playground looking beautiful all year long.  Your help is needed.  Please contact us using form at bottom right of this page to volunteer your time.

The pavilion next to the playground has limited availability through the Haverford Township Parks and Rec.  Visit their website to get more info.